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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Accounting News Archive 2017

Bookkeeping Acts, Income Tax Regulations, Reviews

Tax Cheating In Real Estate Transactions
Date: August 2017

The government has taken stringent and significant steps to curb and eliminate tax evasion in the real estate dealings. Read More...

CRA Announced The Prescribed Annual Interest Rates
Date: July 2017

Yearly interest rates for the third calendar quarter will apply to any sums owed to the CRA and to any sums owed by the CRA to people and enterprises was reported by the Canada Revenue Agency. Read More...

Self-Employed and Tax Obligations
Date: June 2017

June 15, 2017 is the final day for all self-employed persons, their spouse or common law partner to file the 2016 income tax and benefits returns. Read More...

Steps to Take After Submission of Tax Return
May 2017

Even after filling your 2016 tax return to the Canadian Revenue Agency, there are still few tasks left for you to do. Read More...

Home Relocation Loans Deduction
Date: May 2017

The home relocation loans deduction will be scrapped off starting from 2018 upwards. This development came after a resolution reached at the proposed budget for the year 2017. Read More...

Caregiver Credits and Consolidations
Date: April 2017

For 2017 and subsequent taxation years, the budget proposes to consolidate non-refundable tax credits that can be claimed by caregivers. Read More...

Medical Expenses Tax Credit
Date: March 2017

The calculation of the medical expenses taxes credit cuts across all expenses, payments made to the physician, private or private hospitals and nurses, medication and lab test. Also, individuals who do not have issues conceiving or giving birth is covered too. Read More...

Public Transit Tax Credit
Date: March 2017

The 2017 budget has moved to eliminate the non-refundable public transit credit for amounts paid for eligible transit passes (including available electronic payment cards) for the use of public transit services after June 2017. Read More...

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