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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Postal Disruption

Effects of Tax Benefits in a Postal Uproar

Date: November 2018

On October 22, 2018, a possible postal delay or interruption may be incurred in mail delivery across all regions in Canada. If per se this happens, an agreement was reached by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to continue to disburse vital socio-economic cheques like the Canada child benefit (CCB) and advanced payments of the Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB).

Owing to the postal commotion, by December 17, 2018, Canada Post will deliver the December CCB cheque including other associated regional aggregates. By December 13, the December CCB will still be received by the Direct deposit customers. To avoid delays in the December CCB payments, we advise that all Canadians should register before November 9 for the direct deposit to hasten the process.

Any benefit apart from the aforementioned one is not marked as a priority and could be delayed utill the resumption of regular postal procedures in Canada. To curb these delays involved in issuing benefit payments, the benefit cheques from the CRA may come in earlier than your normal timing. Additionally, if you are a benefit recipient, ensure not to cash your cheque till the date inscribed on the cheque.

There are some essential things to note related to your tax obligations as this postal disruption may be delayed at any moment:

  • Majority of the mails on refunds/rebates and further benefit payments may be delayed or interrupted. To evade mislaid payments, sign up for the direct deposit! Once registered, all your payments reflect on time, however, notices will be withheld till the mail delivery returns to full functionality.
  • Notices are not mail delivered, as an existing user to view and print it simply login to My Account or My Business Account. Additionally, you sign up for the online mail, and once there is information online that can be accessed, it will send you an email notifying you.

To get more information on the postal disruption status, visit the Canada Post Service Alerts page.

Never Miss a Payment

Direct deposit is a secure and fast way to obtain refunds, credit payments or benefits during postal disruptions. Once you input your CRA security code, through My Account you can sign up with the MyCRA or MyBenefits CRA mobile apps. For financial institution direct deposit, Desjardins members and TD Canada Trust customers are now eligible for signing up.

Through My Business Account, firms that have inputted their CRA security code can fill in for the direct deposit. Duly note that before being sent, certain cheques are organized for weeks and in such cases, the direct deposit request may be processed in time.

Online Services

The CRA’s secure online services are simple to use. You can do a number of things fast and independently by yourself. Viewing benefit and credit payment dates along with your tax information, making payments and accessing your correspondence, and many more operations can be done after registration at

It’s the responsibility of the taxpayers to submit their payments along with remittances punctually. If you need to make a payment, there are mainly two ways – through your online banking service or the CRA’s secure My Payment service, which lets you pay directly from the bank account. A complete list of payment methods for individuals and businesses is available on the CRA’s Make a payment page.

Proof of publications, paper forms and income statements

Documents will not be delivered till the end of the disruption due to limits of the mail delivery during this period. Furthermore, this also involves CRA forms orders, statements of proof of income, and Access to information and privacy (ATIP) request response packages. To submit fresh ATIP requests, users can follow the ATIP online request portal, complete a request form and fax it to 613-941-9395. Private persons requesting forms as well as business can use the forms and publications section of our website to gain access, save, and print out required forms or navigate the search page to obtain a particular form for free. Once you fill out the form for My Account and input your CRA security code, easily, you can log into the CRA's My Account, select "Proof of income statement and print out the statement.